The Combined Council of Scottish Societies

(Auckland NZ)

Our Mission

To assist any movement having for its aim the teaching and keeping alive of the Scottish vernacular, Scottish traditions, Scottish history and to arrange for lectures on such subjects and to co-operate with any educational or similar authority wishing to offer a Scottish component to their programs.

By fostering the view that Scottish heritage travelled to the Colonies with the emigrants and to foster and support any research into the history and deeds of early Scottish settlers and Scottish descendants of note within New Zealand, and to promote the conservation and appreciation of their writings, art, memorabilia and artefacts of interest.

To join with the international Scottish community, in fostering pride in Scottish origins and, in preserving that special Scottish uniqueness rooted in the history and culture of Scotland and vigorously transplanted throughout the world.

Our History

The society was incorporated on the 17 August 1965 and at that time New Zealands Immigration Policy had a system of points that potential residents had to amass prior to being given residency. The original purpose of the Society was to assist Scottish immigrants obtain employment and establish themselves in their new home.

How we do this

By acting as a forum for discussion between Scottish groups, coordinating activities and sharing information, on matters and events of common interest, we can foster and cultivate Scottish national sentiment and in particular, the love for songs, literature, music, dance, drama, art, dress and games of Scotland.

Collaboration with kindred societies or organisations for the furtherance of these objects is the means by which we believe the attainment of the above objects will be achieved.