The Combined Council of Scottish Societies

(Auckland NZ)


Robert (Robbie or Rabbie) Burns                                                     Robert Burns Organisations in New Zealand

The Shetland Society of Wellington                                                   Shetland Society Website

St Andrew - The Patron Saint of Many                                               St Andrews Page

Animals of Scotland                                                                             Scottish Animals Page

Culinary Delights of Scotland                                                             Food Page

The Amber Nectar of Scotland                                                           Whisky Page

Scottish Masonic Lodges in New Zealand                                      Scottish Lodges in New Zealand Page

Tartan - The Fabric of Scotland                                                          Tartan Ferret  Tartan finding made easy!

New Zealand Celtic Summer School                                                NZ Gaidhealtachd

Gaelic Language College (Scotland)                                                Sabhal Mòr Ostaig in the Isle of Skye

Gaelic Language & Writing Systems                                                 Omniglot Online Encyclopedia

The Language & Culture of the Gaels                                               Gaelic Language & Culture Website

Scottish Gaelic Information Link                                                         A Wikipedia Page

Strowan House, the home of the                                                        St Andrews College Museum