The Combined Council of Scottish Societies

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early 1st century - mid to late 1st century (approximately)

The Legacy of St Andrew has been spread widely in todays world.  He is the Patron Saint of Countries, Towns, Occupations, Churches and Orders.

Andrew was born in Bethsaida on the Sea of Galilee and had a brother Peter.  They were fishermen who were called to a higher duty thus, the legend began.  Andrew is recorded as having been in Volga, Kiev, Novgorod, Byzantium, Thrace, Scythia and Patras where he was crucified on an X shaped cross to which he was tied, not nailed.  The Saltire is now an emblem incorporated in the flags of Scotland, the Union Jack, Tenerife, Galicia, the naval jack of Russia and the Confederate flag.

His relics can be found at the Basilica of St Andrew in Patras, Greece; the Duomo di Sant'Andrea in Amalfi, Italy; St Mary's Roman Catholic Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland; and the Church of St Andrew and St Albert Warsaw, Poland.  The Tower of St Rule, part of ruins in the town of St Andrews, Scotland is part of a legend surrounding the quest of St Regulus involving relics of Andrew.


Scotland, Ukraine, Sicily, Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Russia


Amalfi in Italy, Luqa in Malta


Sailors, Fishermen, Fishmongers, Ropemakers, Golfers, Performers

Churches and Orders

Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople

Diocese of ParaƱaque, Philippines