The Combined Council of Scottish Societies

(Auckland NZ)

The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs is the definitive and authoritative body for information on the Scottish Clan System.

The Council of Scottish Armigerous Clans and Families is a body consisting of the heads of individual Armigerous Families, one to represent each “Chiefless” Armigerous Clan.

The Court of the Lord Lyon is the heraldic authority for Scotland and deals with all matters relating to Scottish Heraldry and Coats of Arms and maintains the Scottish Public Registers of Arms and Genealogies.

The National Galleries of Scotland consist of 3 sites (National, Modern and Portrait Galleries) across Edinburgh housing Scottish and international art, among the best in the world

A miscellany of facts and information about Scotland ranging from the practical to more unusual aspects.  You can test your own knowledge of Scotland or arrange a quiz.

There are a range of Highland Cattle Folds (small groups) throughout New Zealand and the people who care for these magnificient animals are passionate and dedicated to these special beasts and their land of origin.

Shetland Ponies were used in mines to haul wagons. These magnificiently strong wee animals have an alluring appeal to everyone as they are no longer used for this dangerous and nasty work any more.

Electric Scotland is a diverse website with a large range of links to all things Scottish.

Scotster is a Social Networking site that is typically Scottish that allows everyone who loves this fantastic country.

Waipu is one of the earliest Scottish settlements in New Zealand and their Museum is an outstanding repository of their history in the area.

Information about Bagpipes in History, Dance and Drama along with a good sized resource links list.

The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs

The Council of Scottish Armigerous Clans and Families

The Court of The Lord Lyon

The National Galleries of Scotland

Rampant Scotland

Ngapouri Highlands Waikite Valley

Cordane Highlands Northland

McMoos Highland Cattle

Click to Email Kathy Drake of The Celtic Kiwi Foldottish Imports

Electric Scotland


The Waipu Museum

Bagpipes in Theatre