The Combined Council of Scottish Societies

(Auckland NZ)

Music is firmly rooted in the Scottish soul and is reinforced by the enthusiasm displayed when musicians get together to jam and thrill their audience.

The Auckland Scottish Fiddle Club teaches, plays and explores the Scottish music tradition in a fun and very friendly environment. All instruments are welcome, although the focus is predominantly on strings and accompaniment. We are also affiliated with the Scottish Celtic Music Group and the Ceilidh Club. Click to Email the Auckland Scottish Fiddle Club.

Pipe Bands are probably the most easily recognised form of Scottish music and there is evidence to suggest that New Zealand has one of the highest per capita rate of band musicians in the world.  With over 40 Bands attending the annual 3 day National Championships and there being over 60 Bands nationally it is hardly surprising.  The best website to check out that lists all affiliated bands is that of the Royal NZ Pipe Bands Association and many bands have their own websites.

The person out the front of a Pipe Band (or a Brass Band, Fife & Drum Corps, Military Bands, School Bands) is a Drum Major. Ensuring the history, heritage and pageantry of any organisation is the role the Drum Major takes on.  They are a peculiar beast in that they are passionate and knowledgeable about their craft and it is very difficult on some occasions to distinguish the professional from the amateur.

The Range of Instruments

Harp, Lute, Fiddle, Violin, Bohdran, Accordian, Bagpipes, Shetland Pipes, Shuttle Pipes, Whistle, Flute.

Auckland Scottish Fiddle Club

The Royal NZ Pipe Bands Association Inc

NZ Corps of Drum Majors