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The non military meaning of a corps is 'a body of people engaged in a particular activity'. Unusually enough, Drum Majors have come from a completely military origin as far back as 1598 and today a civilian organisation falls back on that military history and function of the Regiments and Battalions to carry on those proud traditions that have been handed down over time. In some bands nowadays the Drum Major is little more than a figure head however still an important part of the show a band puts on.

The Senior Drum Major at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo has been Brian Alexander who epitomises the skill and precision that can be attained with hard work and dedication. Several NZ Drum Majors have been fortunate enough to have been on parade with Brian and all have special memories of those parades.

Billy Jordan, (ex The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders) is now passing on his knowledge of Drum Majoring in Scotland, Europe and the USA. He has even been the Senior Drum Major at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo when it was filmed in NZ in 2000.

The Regimental Drum Major Association provides reference information to current and aspiring Drum Majors. Their objective is to preserve the heritage, history, pageantry, and fellowship of Drum Majors by having available from their website downloadable manuals, information and links at no cost. With over 1000 members from 40 countries, if they don't have the answer they will know someone who does. Paul Olson (President) is confident that you will find the site the most comprehensive on the subject.

By applying a scientific approach to manufacturing Drum Major equipment, the Regimental Mace Company supplies a superb range of maces and to compliment their fine creations a full range of interchangeable accessories . Ken & Jason have both been successful as Drum Majors in their own right and have taken the philosophy of Champions into their business and the results are clearly evident when the Drummie is 'at work'.

The Tools of a Drummie

Drum, Mace, Voice Command, Deportment, Presentation, Posture, Dignity and Practice.

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