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the Scottish Banner  (A' Bhratach Albannach) which is monthly

The Scottish community’s favourite international monthly publication, the Scottish Banner is for ex-pat Scots or those with an interest in Scottish culture and tradition.

Scotia Pacific (bi-annual) The Magazine of the Piping and Dancing Association of New Zealand (Inc)

The New Zealand Pipeband Magazine (quarterly)  requests contributions from all Pipe Bands and the Geographical Management Centres with the regular features of Letters to the Ed, Loose Tongues, NZ Composer series, reports from the principal areas of Education, Promotions, Contests, Administration and Communication.

Celtic Blood by James John Loftus

JJ Loftus is an Australian author with a debut novel, Celtic Blood, which is set in the year 1210. Celtic Blood was inspired by the great Scottish historical novelist, Nigel Tranter. It traces the actual known early history of clan MacKay, known then, as the MacAedhs. The MacAedhs were descended from a king of Scots. Aedh, the progenitor of the clan was offered the crown. His two older brother both kings died without issue. He, by then, a widower had become a priest with no interest in matters of state, thus, forfeited his claim. His two small sons were taken into the care of a distant relative and grew to manhood far to the north in the highlands. In time they resent that they were not the royal line and civil war erupted in Scotland. Their family the MacAedhs a century later is left with Morgund as the sole holder of the name. Morgund marked for death. According to the king their family have been nothing but trouble and all must die to ensure his own, and any future heirs have safety in the kingdom. But as we all know the MacKays survived and the clan is called the children of Morgund, and indeed they are. This is a good adventure story that is soundly researched and has the central themes, useful for young men, the worthy ideals of heroism, loyalty, and to never say die, and that those who dare, win.

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